Chapter 8,0

Nicholas & Family leave Carleton for Huron Co.


Nicholas and Jane Hedley and their 14 children do not appear in the 1861 census for either March or Torbolton Townships, Carleton County; nor in the census for either Wawanosh or Ashfield Townships, Huron County; nor in the census for either Kinloss or Greenock Twp., Bruce County. But sometime between 1851 and 1862, the family moved from March Township, Carleton Co. to Wawanosh Township, Huron Co. At first, according to the township history, Reflections of West Wawanosh, Nicholas worked as a miller at the Treleavan Mill, and the family lived on the mill property on the S.1/2 of Lot 15, Conc.10.

Alexander and Pharaoh, the 13th and 14th surviving children of Nicholas and Jane, were born in 1862 and 1864, after the family’s move to Huron County. At the time of Pharaoh's birth Jane was 45 and Nicholas was 50. They were farming on Lot 16, Con.10 of West Wawanosh according to baptismal records of their two youngest children, Alexander and Pharaoh. 

In 1863, the year after Alexander was born and a year before Pharaoh's birth, William Hedley, age 25, eldest son of Nicholas and Jane, married Sarah Phillips, age 17, at St. Paul’s Anglican Church in Dungannon. Witnesses at the marriage were William's 24-year-old brother John Henry and his 17-year-old sister Ann, both of St. Helens, Wawanosh Township. (See Chap. 8,1 for more about the family of William and Sarah.)

It appears that sometime during the next three years the family of Nicholas, or part of it, moved to Ashfield Township. Both Nicholas and John Hedley are listed in the Huron County Directory 1863-1864 for Ashfield Township: John Hedley Con 10, Lot 8 and Nicholas Hedley Con.12, Lot 9. (This "Nicholas" may have been John Henry's younger brother, age 20).

Nicholas Hedley, the fourth son of Nicholas and Jane, moved to Macomb County, Michigan in 1863, when he was 20 years old. (1900 U.S. Census for Armada Twp., Macomb Co., Michigan) Two years later he married 22-year-old Mary Jane Woodbeck of Armada Township on April 20, 1965. (See Chap. 8,3 for more about the family of Nicholas and Mary Jane.) 

On April 11, 1866, Ann Hedley, age 20, "of Ashfield Township" was the third of Nicholas and Jane's children to marry. Ann married Henry Phillips, 23, a brother of Sarah Phillips, who had married Ann’s brother William three years earlier. John Henry Hedley, now "of Ashfield" was again a witness. The couple was married in Dungannon by Rev. Wm. Daunt, Church of England. (See Chap. 8,5 for more about the family of Anne and Henry Phillips)

A month following Ann’s marriage, Thomas Hedley, age 26, of March Township, Carleton County married Mary Ann Armstrong, age 20, daughter of James and Bridget Armstrong, a Roman Catholic family. They were married May 15, 1866 in Carleton Co. by Rev. John Godfrey, United Church of England and Ireland. It appears that Thomas remained in March when the rest of the family moved to Huron County. Thomas and Mary Ann settled in the town of Kincardine, Bruce County. (See Chap. 8,2 for more about the family of Thomas and Mary Ann.)

Before the year was out, on October 31, 1866, John Henry Hedley, age 25, of Ashfield Township married Margaret Florence Johnston, age 19, also of Ashfield Township, born in Chinguacousy, York County, daughter of James and Martha Johnston. John Henry and Margaret Florence settled in Kinloss Township, Lot 10, Conc. 6. (See Chapter 8,14 and Chapters 9,1 to 9,9 inclusive for the family of John Henry and Margaret Johnston)

On May 17, 1867, six months after John Henry's marriage,  Mary Jane Hedley, age 17, of Ashfield Township, daughter of Nicholas and Jane married James Woods, age 23, of Wawanosh Township, born in Anneqto, Ireland, son of Herman and Jane Woods. The marriage took place in Dungannon and was conducted by Rev. Wm. Daunt, Church of England. One of the witnesses at the marriage was Nicholas Hedley of Wawanosh, probably Mary Ann's father. (See Chapter 8,7 for more about the family of Mary Jane and James Woods.)

Three years later, in 1870, Maggie Hedley, born in 1853, married John Burns, son of Abraham and Mary Burns, an Irish family living in Bervie. Maggie and John Burns made their home in Cleveland, Ohio. (See Chap. 8,8 for the family of Maggie and John Burns.)

Sometime between May 1867 and April 1871, Nicholas and Jane and their three youngest children moved to Lot 8, Conc.9 of Kinloss Township:
April 2, 1871 Ontario Census for Kinloss Township (age next birthday)

Hedley,   Nicholas, 57, farmer, b. in England, Church of England, owner of Lot 8, Conc. 9, 
                           Kinloss; total acres 80; improved acres 20; pasture 3 acres; wheat (100 bushels);
                          18 bushels peas; 8 bushels potatoes (1/2 acre).
                Jane, 51, born in Ireland, Church of England
                Susan, 11, born in Ontario, attending school
                Alexander, 9, born in Ont., attending school
                Sarah, 6, born in Ontario, attending school.
(The census taker apparently mistook the name "Pharaoh" for "Sarah" and listed this child as female.)
Martha, who would have been 16 in 1871, is missing from the family as is Adeline, who would have been 15. These young women may have been working outside the home. The only record we have found showing Adeline as a daughter of Jane and Nicholas is her name and birth date in her sister Ann's hand-written notes.

The 1871 Census for Huron County contains no Hedleys except "Martha Heddly" in Ashfield Township, a 16-year-old servant, born in Ontario, Church of England, of Irish origin. It is quite likely that this was the daughter of Nicholas and Jane, for Martha, born in 1854, would have been 16 or 17 at the time of the 1871 Census.

Edward Hedley, the seventh child of Nicholas and Jane, may have followed his elder brother Nicholas to Michigan. He is listed on the 1870 U.S. Census for Armada Twp., Macomb Co., Michigan, age 23, working as a farm hand, near the farm of his brother Nicholas. On July 1, 1874 Edward Hedley, age 25, married 15-year-old Minnie Terry in Bridgeport, Michigan.  (See Chap. 8,6 for more about the family of Edward and Minnie.)

Robert Hedley, the fifth son of Nicholas and Jane, like his brothers Nicholas and Edward,  may have left the family shortly after their move from Carleton Co. to Huron Co. He traveled west, possibly to British Columbia, before settling in Napa, California. Thirty-five-year-old Robert married 20-year-old Eliza Ralston in Napa about 1879. Robert’s longing for his family is shown in the names he and Eliza chose for their first seven children: Adeline, Martha, Robert, Emma Frances, Mary Joe Jane, Pharaoh Nicholas, and Chester Alexander. (See Chap. 8,4 for more about the family of Robert and Eliza.)

The 1881 Ontario Census for West Wawanosh, Huron County shows Jane, age 62 and Nicholas, age 67, still farming, but now in West Wawanosh Township, with Susan, age 19, a seamstress; Alexander, age 18, and Pharaoh, age 17.
On November 22,1882 Susan Hedley, age 21, third-youngest of the children of Nicholas and Jane Hedley, married Henry Alton, age 23, in West Wawanosh. Susan and Henry Alton settled in Bruce Mines, near Sault Ste. Marie. (See Chap. 8,11 for more about  the family of Susan and Henry Alton.)

Alexander Hedley, the second-youngest of the children of Nicholas and Jane Hedley, married Thomisine Fisher about 1883. Alexander, a stone mason, built the foundations for many of the houses and barns in the Lucknow area.  (See Chap. 8,12 for more about the family of Alexander and Thomisine.)

June Corfield of Toronto, a great, great, great granddaughter of Henry and Nancy McBride, has in her possession the will of Henry McBride, dated 1886, leaving $200 to his daughter “Jane Hedley.” In 1886 Jane, age 67, and Nicholas, 72, and their youngest child, Pharaoh, age 22, were living at St. Helens in West Wawanosh, south of Lucknow. Jane’s  father, Henry McBride, of Huntley Township, Carleton County, would have been 88 years old. A photo of Nicholas and Jane Hedley, their son John Henry and grandson Albert was taken by Treleaven Photography, Lucknow around that time.

The 1891 Ont. Census for West Wawanosh, Huron Co. shows Nicholas, age 77, retired farmer, Jane, age 72, and Pharoah, age 27, farm labourer.
Less than three years later, Nicholas Hedley, born Feb. 27, 1814 in Ovingham Parish, Northumberland, England, died suddenly of a heart attack on January 24, 1894 in West Wawanosh, Huron County, Ontario at age 80.

Sudden Death 
Our citizens were startled on Wednesday last by the news of
  the sudden death of Nicholas Hedley, who lived just South of
the Village. He had been in his usual health and was bringing
 into the house an armful of firewood when he suddenly fell to
 the floor, and in a few seconds he was dead. Heart disease is
  supposed to be the cause. The deceased was 80 years of age.

After his father Nicholas’death, and with his mother Jane now residing with her son Alexander, Pharaoh Hedley,  the youngest of the 14 children of Nicholas and Jane Hedley, appears to have left Huron County behind and made a new life for himself in California--although this may not have been his first journey to the USA. The 1900 U.S. Census for Trinity County, California shows Pharaoh Hedley, 34, boarder, working as a cook; “immigrated 1880.” Living nearby and also working as a cook is Eliza Hedley, widow of Robert, Pharaoh’s elder brother, and her two-year-old son Bert Hedley.
 The 1910 U.S. Census for Shasta County, California, lists Pharaoh, age 48, stock raiser, and his 26-year-old nephew Robert Hedley (son of Robert and Eliza), mining laborer.
On April 7, 1912 Pharaoh married 34-year-old widow Johanna (Klumann) Simonson in Shasta County, California.
The 1920 U.S. Census for Los Angeles County, Cal. lists Pharaoh and Johanna, farm owners. Living with them is their son William W. Hedley, age 5, as well as two children from Johanna’s first marriage.
The 1930 U.S. Census for Los Angeles City shows Pharaoh Hedley, owner of the Van Nuys Hotel, with Johanna and their two sons, William and Lesley Hedley (See Chap. 8,13 for more about the family of Pharaoh and Johanna.)

The 1901 Ont. Census for West Wawanosh, Huron Co. shows Jane,  residing with her son Alexander and his wife Thomisine and their nine children in their home on the south edge of Lucknow.
Jane (McBride) Hedley, born May 3, 1819 in Tyrone County, Northern Ireland, died July 3, 1903 at age 84 of Bright's Disease after a two-month illness, at the home of her daughter, Mary Jane Woods, in Kincardine Township (Lot 13, Conc. 9), Bruce County, Ontario.
Thank you to June Corfield of Toronto for information about the McBride family.
Photos of Nicholas Hedley courtesy of Bill McDonald, Kincardine.
Ann Hedley's list of family birthdates and articles from the Lucknow Sentinel 
                  courtesy of the late Phyllis Morrison (d. Nov. 2002).

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